For Choosing the best packers and movers

For Local Shifting

Don’t base your decision only on cost considerations, check the reviews, their past experience with relocation, the type of packing material, and the extent of packing assistance you will be provided.

Plan in advance to ensure that the packing is not done in a rush and that the delivery location is also prepared for unloading and unpacking.

Closely follow the checklist and compare them at the time of packing and unpacking.

Ensure that the standard packing material is used, and the moving protocols are followed before you give the consignment.

For Domestic Relocation

Check whether the packers and movers offer relocation services across the country.

It helps if you have customer support in the city or state where the shipment will be delivered. If not, ensure that you are assigned a single point of contact who can update you on the package movement.

Ensure that perishables are perfectly sealed and packed separately to ensure there is no leakage or breakage.

Some packers and movers use the same container for multiple shipments. If you have a few packages, ensure they are neatly labelled, and you have a complete checklist after the loading is completed. This is cost-saving and convenient, especially if you aren’t in a hurry to receive the shipment. If you are willing to spend or have a larger shipment, ask for a complete storage container (most packers and movers have these in various sizes).

Ensure that the packers and movers provide proper insurance and have paperwork for interstate transport.

For Vehicle Shifting

 For a local relocation, an open container is adequate, but for added protection, for domestic relocation, you can choose closed containers for your vehicle.

Prepare your vehicle for loading by maintaining oil tank levels at 1/4 th or less, reducing gas pressure, and keeping the wiper fluid tank half full.

Take all the removable, personal belongings and valuables out of the car. Hand over the insurance and RC book to the packers and movers.

Make sure that even you take pictures of the car from all angles before handing it over to the packers and movers.